The Jewish Centre owns a section in the Oakwood Cemetery in Bay Shore.  Our oldest grave is dated 1889 and symbolizes our roots in town.

Over the years graves remained unattended and huge overgrowths of plant life engulfed the grave to the point where monuments were no longer visible.

In the past three years we have undertaken the obligation to beautify and maintain the cemetery so that the deceased will rest in a dignified surrounding.  We also want to provide for a desirable location for future internments.

With this in mind, our committee made arrangements to bring in water, employed our own landscaping service and installed an irrigation system, all at synagogue expense.

We are proud of all our accomplishments and dedication in keeping our cemetery available.

Please view the photos that are currently posted.

If you are interested in purchasing any plots,

please contact the office for additional information.

Our fee for members is $1,000 per plot of your choice and an additional required fee of $1,000 for perpetual care. Our fee for nonmembers is $1,250 per plot and an additional required fee of $1,250 for perpetual care. We would also appreciate any contributions for this fund from our friends and members. We would like to thank the cemetery committee for all their work.

Stephen Fleischer, Chairman Cemetery committee.
Al Beja, Treasurer

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